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Love It or Leave It: Blake Lively’s Sheer Gown

Photo: Blake Lively celebrates Gossip Girl's 100th episode

Let’s cut to the chase: this is what Blake Lively wore to a fête celebrating Gossip Girl‘s hundredth episode. There’s a lot of fringe, a lot of cleavage—and, as Amy Grindhouse tells it, there is also a “butt window.”

I do like how ethereal this gown is—I do!—but remember, there is also a “butt window.”

But it’s so mermaidy! Look at that filigree curling along Blake’s bosom! I sincerely almost love this dress. Okay, no, I don’t love where the fringe falls on Blake’s calf, but the dress is probably so pretty in motion! And Blake’s hair? In those seaweedy coils, that tangled topknot? And those pearlescent teardrop earrings? I have never seen anything more mermaidy.

But—again, to quote Amy Grindhouse—there is also a butt window.


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