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Elijah Wood: “Hollywood Star with a Metro Card”

Al Roker is astonished. Al Roker is so astonished that Elijah Wood took the subway to his Today interview—just like some dingy plebeian!—that Al Roker wants to talk about how cool this is. Al Roker already had a conversation with his producer about it, you guys! That’s so punk rock, to travel by subway!

Elijah Wood laughs, smiles, and says, “Yeah, well, that’s very kind,” but then Elijah Wood maybe looks a little uncertain about Al Roker’s compliment. Awkward?

Then one lady applauds Elijah for his pragmatism and his sense of environmental scruples. As if choosing to take the subway were an actual thing.

OK, OK, sure: I think it’s great Elijah Wood takes the subway, I do, but he seems grounded enough to know he shouldn’t get a medal for it, Al.

What I really want to know is, how does Al Roker get to work every day? Don’t get me wrong, the guy gets up at 3:30 every morning to talk to a meteorologist (that’s actually true, people), which I assume takes like an hour, and somehow Roker is invariably on set by 5:45. BUT HOW? Does he hire a car? Does he take a cab? Does he have a live-in chauffeur? Does he take a Tardis?? Man. I bet Jane Pauley took the subway, Al.

Maybe Al Roker lives in Rockefeller Plaza, right where the Christmas tree is supposed to go, just perpetually milling and idling until Matt Lauer decides to cut to weather.

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  • I am LOVING the fact that Elijah Wood doesn’t allow the fame and money to go to his head and he stayed grounded.

    • 1) Ha! Yeah, this was a pretty peevish way for me to say it, but I love him for not being a douche, too. The man’s from Iowa!

      2) Holy hobbity hotness is right! Hngh.

      3) Thank you, and you’re welcome! It is gratuitous. I actually changed it, last second, from “time-travel to work.” Now I really feel like I’ve done my nerdy duty! <3

      Yer pal,