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Lindsay Looks Like a Crazy, Strung-Out Drug Fiend (or, You Know, Her Dad) More and More Every Day!

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A few years ago I planned an intimate gathering at my house that ultimately turned into a massive houseparty to include practically every friend and acquaintance I’d ever made or known in life.

About an hour into the party, a group of friends began reminiscing “Hey, do you remember [fill in the blanks]? Jeez, I wonder whatever happened to them – God, I haven’t seen them in ages.” It became a game when we decided if we could somehow network a connection to these people via other human channels, and invite them to the party. A few hours later, our “intimate” group of twenty had turned into a raucous, pulsing crowd of nearly sixty. And the game continued. And it was fun. And then my best friend decided to pull out the big guns – “Whatever happened to that REALLY, REALLY HOT guy you used to date back in ’99, Sarah, [name redacted for privacy purposes]?” I’d always had this uncanny knack for remembering phone numbers, and his wasn’t an exception. “Call ’em up,” I said. She did, indeed, “call ’em up,” and twenty-five minutes later I received a call from said best friend, who left to meet him outside of town. They’d evidently met and he’d stopped at a convenience store for more beer when she called me to tell me the pickup had been made. “Heshurditrirted,” she said, or what it sounded like anyway. “What??” I squawked, cigarette hanging out of my mouth, jamming my index finger into my free ear, trying to block out the party noises. She repeated herself, a bit more loud this time: “I said ‘HE SURE DETERIORATED’.”

You know, it’s funny how certain memories crop up when you see certain photos. I mean, I probably hadn’t even thought of that incident in eight years until I just saw this photo of Lindsay Lohan, and the only reason it even came to mind right now is because that eerily prophetic statement came back to haunt me the moment I laid eyes on this picture.

Scary how that shit happens, you know?

On that note, let’s take a moment to really remember who Lindsay Lohan used to be*, shall we?

*I stopped at 2004, since that’s when she really started looking like hot garbage because really, who wants to relive that?

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  • I used to want to be her so bad. She was really beautiful. It’s so sad to see how much she’s deteriorated in such a short time.

    Now all I wanna do is punch her.

  • She’s a human being, and no matter how much potential we have,
    we can still detour into something very dark, something very hard to get out of….

    I hope she rises above the odds. I did.

  • lindsay was someone i looked up to so much. i wish she would get her act together but i think it’s too late. truth hurts

  • GOD… and then I read the comments. This asshat has been rolling through this shit for fucking *years*. Fuck that. A lot of people go through shit. A lot of people struggle with addictions and stupid ass families. NOT everyone does this shit to themselves. What horseshit to have such sympathy for someone who has repeatedly done this to themselves SO MANY TIMES. It is not like this is her first trip down the yellow brick road… or her 5th… or her 50th. WTF. Grow up. Enough is enough. Stop coddling and enabling and FINANCING the horseshit unless you have nothing better to do with your silly, unimpressive, who-is she cause now I feel better lives.
    //end rant
    just tired of it. let her kill herself, or lock her the fuck up in a way that actually fucking matters, if anyone really does give a damn.

  • this addict doesn’t give a FUUUUUUUck. she doesn’t want to get clean, and no one can make her get clean until she sees the light herself. i really think she wants to live a short life & go out with a bang, high as hell. it’s a shame. R.I.P. little linds.

  • always had shitty fashion sense i see. some of those adolescent get-ups, oh my gawd PR person, where were you?! oh yeah, it was probably her coked out mom back then. good times.

    • ^ THIS

      Also, she could at least attempt to not look that shitty and dye her hair or something. Blond has never looked good on her.

  • This is really…sad. I think it is also a cautionary tale of what can happen when you are raised by horrible parents and surrounded by people who think you are nothing but a meal ticket from the time you are about 9 or 10 yrs old. That was the set-up for all her drug abuse.
    The thing that hits me the hardest is how happy she looked then-real smiles, not forced ones. I really hope she can get it together, but the chances are slim.