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Quotables: Olivia Munn Used to be Lisa Munn, Also Isn’t Very Nice LIKE I SAID

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“I used to date Olivia Munn, I’ll be honest with everyone here. But when she was ‘Lisa.’ She wasn’t Asian back then. She was hanging out on my set of ‘After the Sunset,’ I banged her a few times, but I forgot her. Because she changed her name. I didn’t know it was the same person and so when she auditioned for me for a TV show, I forgot her, she got pissed off, and so she made up all these stories about me eating shrimp and masturbating in my trailer. And she talked about my shortcomings.”

Director Brett Ratner on sleeping with Olivia before she “made it big” in Hollywood. This probably happened right after the whole I-had-no-friends-in-school thing that was proven wrong by one of our lovely readers.

Brett’s comments, of course, were in response to insinuations in Olivia’s book, Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek, where she talked of sleeping with a “bigwig” Hollywood director who was nothing more than “a grown man in an oversized shirt holding his undersized manhood in hands glistening with shrimp fat.”

Classy, classy lady.

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  • wow if i had realised that being tortured by fuckwits in high school gave me credibility i would have done something more with my life.

  • grey eyes: he means she clings to the fact that she’s every white nerd’s wet dream – an ASIAN BABE – some broads really do take advantage of that aspect.

    oh hey, also?, i’ve been in the same room with her – snob citay, baybaaaay. i will back that shit up.

  • Brett Ratner is possibly the biggest douchebag in Hollywood. I would already dislike him even if he never did fuck up X-Men 3, which is by far the shittiest comic book movie I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen him on tv before and he really seems like a piece of shit.

    I hold a lot more stock in that the commenter above actually said that Oliva Munn was stuck up than douche Brett Ratner trying to call her out for her making fun of him being a fat boy with a small dick.

  • Well, a little late to the party but… wow.

    So, I can hire a ghost writer (Mac Montandon) to write a book and then I can be an author too?

    And, LOL, at 6 bucks this book isn’t exactly flying off the shelves, is it? The hardback is seven bucks.

    Anyway, she’s about as much a geek as my left testicle. No, she isn’t a geek.

    Her popularity is due, partially, to the imaginations of the REAL geeks; those guys that stand up and shout smack during D&D games or get very excited at Magic the Gathering tournaments.

    Don’t know what those are? You aren’t a geek.

    So, she’s popular because geeks put together the perfect girl in their minds. She looks kinda bookish and flat, is worldly and sensual, and is otherwise like them. So, they paint her into this picture and marketing guys stand her up.

    It works, as long as she doesn’t talk or move or anything. Like Meghan Fox. (Actually, here’s a geek fact: Sort of like Looker. [Free non-geek hint: it’s a movie])