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Kim Kardashian’s Not Giving the Ring Back

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Once upon a time there was a girl named Sarah, and that girl was engaged to this guy, like, a decade ago. After what some might call a “mistake” of a relationship for a large variety of reasons, the girl broke up with the guy and moved on with her life. But that engagement ring, given on a past Christmas Eve, sat in her jewelry box, burning a hole through its bottom and into the dresser it sat upon. She thought it was pretty and stuff, but knew she had no reason to keep it, and so she decided to give it back. (She actually threw it at him a week after deciding she didn’t want it anymore. Heard he had a hard time finding it, too.) Sarah never saw her former fiance ever again.

A few years after that, Sarah took a day job as a manager at a call center. She hated the job, but liked all of the people she worked with. Especially this one girl; she was totally cool. One day, Sarah’s new-ish friend came into work all aglow with excitement and happiness. Sarah’s new-ish friend had gotten engaged the night before! All excited for her friend, Sarah asked to see the ring. When Sarah saw the ring, a funny chord was struck and she realized that her friend’s ring looked really, really familiar. Because Sarah’s friend was such a new friend, she didn’t really know much about her background, who she dated, or anything else beyond the fact that they worked at the same place and her friend lived about an hour away. On a whim, Sarah asked her friend if she had a photo of her fiance, and boy did she ever. As it turns out, *Sarah’s new friend was engaged to Sarah’s old fiance and happened to be wearing Sarah’s old engagement ring as her own.

So maybe that’s why Kim Kardashian‘s not giving the ring back – maybe she’s just so concerned that it’s going to wind up on some other girl’s finger one day, and then she won’t be The One Girl Who Got the 20 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring That One Time anymore. Or, you know, maybe she’s just a classless hoe. I’d like to go out on a limb thinking the latter, me.

*Sarah’s new friend eventually found out about her then-fiance’s, um, “frugality,” and later ended breaking up with him for possibly-related (or who knows, unrelated) reasons. The end!

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  • You don’t have to go out on a limb or even wobble out on a continent to see that kim kardashian kludges kulture. (And, yes, I hate how they put k with everything. She and her entire klan deserve a swift kick in the kiester for that.)

    In other words, she’s a klassless kunt.

    Oh, and it is likely that Sarah’s New Friend (SNF) wasn’t the only person to receive her ring. Perhaps Sarah wasn’t the first? In any event, what kind of an ass doesn’t return it to the store? No store refuses those refunds. Well, except a pawn shop.

    Maybe it was his Mother’s or something.

  • omg sarah! How did she find out? I think I would have blurted it out right when I saw his picture! Gawddddd………

    • One of his extended family members eventually told him, I believe. I think I would have died on the spot.

  • Let me see if I understand this. KK says she didn’t make a dime from the wedding, yet KK plans on keeping the ring. Hmm. God how I hate this whore KK. She is famous because she sucked off and banged a rapper or whatever he is, on camera and made money from the video.