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Lindsay Lohan Owes $90K, Bought a Porsche Instead

Photo: Lindsay Lohan in Paris on October 2, 2011

Lindsay. Lindsay. I know we’ve never met, but I do read magazines, and I’ve always felt like we have kind of a big sister/little sister kinship thing happening. No? Well, whatever.

Anyway. In 2009, you employed a limo service. Within a scant three months, you, Miss Lohan, racked up a bill of $33,978. I applaud you for not driving yourself, since, uh, well, I guess legally you couldn’t drive yourself. But still! Good for you!

But seriously, woman. Pay your bills. Because that teeny-weeny $30K bill has ballooned into $90,586, thanks to late fees and penalties. Plus you’re getting sued (as per usual). Don’t you feel sheepish now?

I know you don’t know what it’s like to enter your 30s still trying to pay off Fannie Mae, all because you had the audacity to get a worthless undergrad degree in the humanities, but seriously—get with it, Lohan. That gigantic, looming bill won’t magically vanish, no matter how tightly you close your eyes and will it away.

Also? When you owe a big bill, mmmmmaybe don’t run out and buy a Porsche priced at $80,000. Just some sisterly advice.

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  • did u like jus seriously bash all the people taking worthless undergrad degree in the humanities???

  • You have been writing for a gossip blog for how long and you don’t realize that there is a different set of rules for celebrities (esp. Ms. Lohan?)
    In the end, they will probably thank her for taking their services for free, throw a huge party for her, and give her some free designer clothes to wear to the party.
    At least if things continue the way they have been going.

  • True… big time free publicity for the limo company….

    First commenter up there: blogger was employing rueful sarcasm…

  • lols. really? i didnt think for a moment it was sarcasm. n tbh, im no humanities student. do u think humanities students would take it kindly, joke, sarcasm aside n all? mmm?

    • You’re making my English Major in Fiction Writing and minor in Russian Literature both really hurt where it counts, thanks.

      • I wish! “Minor” means I studied Russian lit in translation. I never got around to being fluent. :(

        But! My psychology and sociology classes were my favorite in school! And for fiction reasons, I only buy psychology books now. <3

    • I have a degree in the humanities and I also have a sense of humor. Jenn you are dead on…plus if we can’t laugh about it we might start crying, right? Lol student loan debt is a joke in its own right when your degree/the economy won’t help you get a job that will actually pay it off.

  • I have a degree in the Classics and I’m currently in Veterinary School. Sooo…it’s what you do with it.