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Lifetime’s Newest Project Is Fame Monster: The Lady Gaga Story

A photo of Lady Gaga

Ok, we all know that I don’t care for the girl, but if someone made a movie about Lady Gaga, I would definitely see it, if only for the costumes. Likewise, there is no way in hell that I would ever miss a good Lifetime Original. So the fact that Lifetime is working on making their very own film about Lady Gaga? This is like heaven. This is pure ecstasy.

Lifetime is developing Fame Monster: The Lady Gaga Story, a biopic of the famous pop star. The project, named after Gaga’s 2009 EP, is being written by Norman Snider (Casino Jack) based on Maureen Callahan’s 2010 book Poker Face: The Rise And Rise Of Lady Gaga, with Ilene Kahn Power (Lifetime’s Who Is Clark Rockefeller?) executive producing. Lady Gaga is not involved. Fame Monster chronicles the life of Stefani Germanotta, who started her musical career as a rocker and later was transformed into pop mega star Lady Gaga. The project has been heating up at the cable network and could get a green light soon.

I don’t mean to get outrageous, but I think I could see myself selling my soul to make this happen. What do you think?

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