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Katy Perry Does a Snow White-Themed Photo Shoot, Kind Of

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This is Katy Perry‘s latest endorsement, GHD Hair. From what I gathered on the website, GHD carries a full range of haircare products, but really, really prides themselves on their ‘Scarlet’ flat iron. But what I want to know is who the hell uses a flat iron these days, aside from maybe Pete Wentz or Ashlee Simpson? I mean, I still have my flat iron from the days when flat irons were the thing to own, but I sure as hell wasn’t dropping two hundred bucks on something that I was able to pay fifty for back in 2004. But hey. Everyone’s gotta make money, far be it for me to judge for what, Courtney Stodden.

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  • “who the hell uses a flat iron these days”


    Sorry but certain ethnicities, including my own, do not have naturally shiny straight pretty hair, or even half-manageable hair. If I do not straighten, I have an enormous poof on my head. It takes people with my background a lot of work to have hair that looks just OK. I am also skilled enough at using my flat iron that I do not have the uber-straight look but rather smooth hair with a little curl on the bottom.

    Your post is as lame as clear face people asking who the hell uses foundation these days. (HINT: people who have a problem they want to fix…who happen to NOT be people that feel like being belittled by Sarah).

    So yeah, perhaps making my hair sleakier and shinier is an insult to my heritage, but I think my ancestors fleeing persecution would be fine with me wanting to have smooth manageable hair.

    • I, um, actually do not have naturally shiny, straight, or “pretty” hair either (it’s actually kind of coarse and unmanageable, but I don’t really care enough to assault my hair into oblivion when I personally think it’s a waste of my time. It’s only temporary, after all. :)

      • Though you use a photo with your hair clearly straightened so I must assume if you had to be out in public for work and looking professional you would take that time.

        My fav product has become Moroccan oil – huge time saver…though I could not go to work in an office without some type of straightening.

      • No, I’d definitely *try* to do something if I had to be out in public for stuff, but I work solely from home … you should see those pictures, LOL!

        You should also try Redken’s Anti-Snap – it’s supposed to be a hair-restructuring serum, but I use it as a frizz-tamer. It works wonders, especially when you put it on wet hair.

  • Oh Sarah girl you have no idea…. GHDs are truly amazing – I live in New Zealand and they are the best on the market down here. Expensive yes, but worth every penny. Its not just about straightening your hair either – they make perfect curls because the edges are angled. Scarlet is only a promo line with different colour / design etc, they release a different “fashion” line every year or so. AND they don’t fry your hair like other straighteners. Don’t know what I would do without mine!

  • GHD is the best out there. I had to settle for Sedu last year bc the GHD was a little out of my budget. And yeah, I found the “who uses flat irons” thing a little weird too bc I and pretty much every girl I know does… My hair is a big frizz-poof if I don’t… LoL
    As for those pictures, holy fucking photoshop! Enough with this crap already! What do they think ppl are stupid and can’t tell a cartoon apart from a real person… *sigh*

  • I had been thinking my original comment was catty and girlie (and I didnt even touch on Ms Perry’s whory take on snow-white that really looks more the part of the evil step mother). When I popped in here tonight I felt better knowing I am not the only one jumping to the defense of my flat iron.

  • GHD FAIL!!! Love the products but I threw out mine when I saw this ad. I will never buy one again. This bitch does not even have her own hair! That is a wig. BS plastic fake ass ad. Lame. Katy Perry should only be pimping cheap $5 halloween wigs because that’s all I ever see her in. The only thing they got right is showing her as either a suicidal flapper or the evil hag queen from snow white. Now if GHD has her eat the poisoned apple or jump, I’ll consider buying one of their fine products again.