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Looks Like This Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher Divorce Thing Might Actually Be Real

photo of ashton kutcher and sara leal pictures photos pics

Or at least the cheating part is, anyway. Don’t quite know that Demi would have the guts to kick Ashton to the curb, especially since he’s doing the whole prime-time television thing now AND the fact that her Twitter handle is ‘MrsKutcher’. New reports have surfaced that there was some credibility to original allegations that Ashton was cheating on Demi with a 21-year-old woman named Sara Leal. Evidence has it that the blonde woman getting into Ashton’s vehicle on the night the supposed affair went down is the aforementioned Sara Leal, and that the affair not only happened, but has been going on for awhile now.

If the photo and corresponding rumors don’t convince you, either, that Ashton’s hooking up with the random chick here and there, Demi’s recent Tweets, which are normally saccharine-sweet and filled with Kutcher-adoration, have been pretty morose, suggesting that things are definitely not all alright:

“I see through you.”

That particular Tweet accompanied this photo:

photo of demi moore twitter pictures photos

Starpulse also says that Demi’s Tweets from earlier in the month indicate there’s something up – one read “trying to find the light I lost” and “Remember…you’ve got your own back,” which was the Tweet caption to the “nude” photo we ran here on Evil Beet.

Ashton’s latest Tweet, updated earlier this afternoon says:

“When you ASSUME to know that which you know nothing of you make an ASS out of U and ME.”

Creative that Ashton is. Wicked creative. And totally transparent, if you ask me.

What do you guys think, is something a-brewing?

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  • It is either…

    A- a load of shit that will blow over and they are just doing it for extra publicity for Two and a half men or

    B- they have been separated amicably for a while then agreed to play it out like this for extra publicity for two and a half men.

    Either way, it is way too convenient to not be planned.

  • I think Kutcher’s just tired of seeing Demi’s “bored to tears” face when he’s in the trenches.

  • I think Charlie Sheen got pissed that his settlement with CBS forced him to shut his drug addled mouth, and got revenge by secretly outing Ashton’s pussyhunt.