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Love It or Leave It: Juliette Lewis’s Bikini Body

photo of juliette lewis bikini 2011 nicole richie's birthday party pics
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I think Juliette Lewis is kind of fabulous. I mean, she’s definitely a little on the thin side for my personal tastes, but I think she’s beautiful anyway, and she’s got that fiery personality that only adds to her appeal, in my opinion.

The above photo is from Nicole Richie‘s 30th birthday weekend, which was celebrated in Mexico. Juliette is only 39, and it completely amazes me that these two girls are only nine years apart. I mean, I remember vividly when Brad Pitt and Lewis dated, and I felt all of six years old during that time, but that might be because I, you know, was.

Looking good, girl!

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  • Looking good ? I know there is a difference between the photo of Juliette and LeAnn but not by much. Both women could use a bit of weight on their bones.

  • Yeah, she’s thin but she’s always been that way and (unless she’s been staving herself her entire life) thin is her natural figure. LeAnn, on the other hand, used to look healthy but now is a 2 x 4 with bolt ons. Juliette has kept that same figure since she was a teenager and she is pushing freakin’ forty. To that I say… DAMN, GIRL!

  • wow! she looks great! she’s always been special and i think most people tend to really like her. she’s naturally thin and has a nice . good for her…