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Would You Want Adele to Make A Cupcake for You?

A photo of Adele

This story has some of my very favorite things: Adele, cupcakes, and generosity. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

Adele is heading out on tour in the UK on September 4th, and she wants to share her newly developed cupcake baking skills with her fans. She promised that she was “going to bake lots and lots and give them out,” adding that she won’t sell them because “I don’t think they’re that good – but they are good!”

Oh, Adele, you crazy, beautiful, gifted lady. Were I to receive a cupcake from you, I would encase it in glass to worship for the rest of my days. I know the more polite thing to do would probably be to enjoy it and applaud you for yet another gift, but I would surely be weeping from joy, and you know I’m not ever going to be That Girl who cries while eating.

We still love Adele, right?

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