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Love It or Leave It: Miley Cyrus Cleans Up Real Good

photo of miley cyrus hot white lace dress pictures photos

Lookee, it’s Miley Cyrus and she looks … well, pretty dang good. She looks clean, there’s nary a trace of skanky, black PVC-and-leather studded bustier in sight, and she’s not nearly as bloated-looking. Someone’s either laid off the salts, or, you know, just the booze. While I adore the dress and the fresh-facedness, however, the hair is just not doing it for me. I don’t know if it’s the cut, or if it’s the color, but something’s not sitting right and something’s got to be done about it.

What color should Miley go?


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  • Dear Sarah:
    i really dont know what picture of Miley ur looking at but she looks pretty high to me in this picture. it’s all in the (red) eyes.

  • I agree with Veronica, she looks high. I also think she looks like a strung out crack head too, which could be why shes not so bloated looking. Must be all that ‘salvia’.

  • That dress looks cheap. What is up with all the loose threads at the hem. I agree with the other posters that she looks high. Her hair is unkempt and horrible. A good wash, natural colour and cut in needed.