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How Do We Feel About Cameron Diaz Sans Fards?

photo of cameron diaz at lax no makeup pictures photos pics

And “sans fards” is a fancy-pants French saying for “without makeup,” not “without farts” like some of you might think it means. And WHO SAYS you can’t get some good worldliness from visiting celebrity gossip rags online? Keep hanging out with us here and you’ll eventually be culture vultures.

Anyway, this is Cameron Diaz arriving at LAX earlier this week. I know a lot of you would probably expect me to rip her appearance just based on the fact that she’s Cameron Diaz, and not one of my favorite people, but I’m not going to do that. I’m going to be objective about this, like I’m supposed to. And in all honesty? She looks OK. Alright – she looks more than OK. She looks pretty freaking good in comparison to a lot of women who’d venture out in public without a full face of makeup. Me, I’m not a big fan of schlepping forty layers of shellack on my face just to go to the damned supermarket, but then, I’m not a career celebrity who’s sole job is to impress my fans with my shining, eerily-perfect appearance. I work in my PAJAMAS and UNBRUSHED HAIR most of the time, ffs. I’m apparently not out to impress anyone, myself included.

On the whole? I’d have to say that Cameron’s almost a ten. Almost.

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