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Rosario Dawson: “None of Us Look Like That”

A photo of Rosario Dawson

Do we love Rosario Dawson or what? I’ve always thought that she was really pretty in a unique sort of way, and hey, she was in Rent. She wasn’t my favorite Mimi – I don’t care what my friends say, Daphne Rubin-Vega will always be the Mimi of my heart – but she was still lovely. And now Rosario is covering this month’s issue of Shape, and I think even more highly of her for her lovely words:

“I remember everyone asking when I was doing press for the movie (Rent), ‘What did you do to look so thin? You looked great’ and I’m like, ‘I looked emaciated’ … It’s a form of violence, in the way that we look at women and how we expect them to look and be — for what sake? Not health, not survival, not enjoyment of life but just so you could look pretty. I’m constantly telling girls all the time, ‘Everything’s airbrushed, everything’s retouched. None of us look like that.”

You know, I respect the hell out of Rosario Dawson for saying this. It’s a real shame seeing amazingly beautiful ladies being Photoshopped to hell, and it’s sad to think that younger girls might think that that’s what they should actually look like. But hey, with Mimi Marquez, the heroin addict/stripper with a heart of gold, telling little ladies not to worry about Hollywood’s ridiculous standards for physical beauty, things just might be looking up!

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  • i love how she says in the magazine and on the cover she is airbrushed all to hell. i really like rosario dawson though. good on her.