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What Awesome Celebrity Was Photoshopped to Sick Hell for Rimmel Ad?

photo of heavily photoshopped zooey deschanel for rimmel london pictures

So I think Rimmel’s generally alright. Their products, as far as drugstore makeup go, aren’t half bad. I really enjoy their Jelly Gloss, because I hate the feel of lipstick on my lips (which usually dries them out), and I’d rather look like I just gave a really sweet round of head than I would appear to have dry, cracked lips with intermittent spotting of faded color.

That being said, I’m still way pissed at Rimmel for Photoshopping the fuck out of above celebrity. She looks practically nothing as she does in real life, and I’m even more appalled that Rimmel, after seeing their mistake, still decided to run the image anyway.

Jump in to find out who the latest Photoshop victim was, if you haven’t guessed already (you probably haven’t).

photo of zooey deschanel pictures

Yeah. It’s Zooey Deschanel. I know. Pitiful, right?

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