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The New Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer is Here

And though I’m pretty excited, I’m also kind of nervous at the moment because my garbage collectors literally just arrived, on this windy, windy day, and they’e gonna be so ticked when they see all of the packing peanuts in my trash receptacle. WINDY.

Anyway, the trailer for the long-awaited fourth installation of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is here, and a lot of people have mixed reviews about it. Me, I think Johnny Depp (and Geoffrey Rush, of course) are totally the faces of the Pirates movies, but there are a shit ton of fans out there who refuse to see the movie a) because the Keira Knightley/Orlando Bloom love story won’t be addressed, or b) they can’t stand to listen to Penelope Cruz’s God-awful accent for two-and-a-half-plus hours (you know these movies are always well over 150 minutes).

I’m excited about it anyway. I love the movies, I’ve loved the ride in Disney World since I first went on it over seventeen years ago, and I think Penelope Cruz is actually rather pleasing (unlike the really awful looks I’m getting from my trashmen as I sit here on the front porch, trying to make myself smaller and smaller).

What about you guys, are you over the Pirates saga, or will you be queueing up on May 20th when it’s finally released?


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  • sarah, you should recycle those packing peanuts! styrofoam is a big no-no. if you have a shipping or ups store nearby, they will take them! along with bubble wrap or other packing items.

    • Thanks for the heads-up! I didn’t know they could be recycled. I can’t stand packing peanuts – there’s gotta be a better way to pad things in shipping. I’d even pay extra to avoid them.