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Tiger Woods’ New Girlfriend is Classy Like Whoa

photo of tiger woods girlfriend alyse lahti johnston pictures

Nothing but the best for our man Tiger, you know? Above you see the mugshot of Alyse Lahti Johnston, Tiger Woods’ rumored new girlfriend. I know we’e not fair for running a foul photo like this to introduce his new lady, but hey. I for sure thought this photo was an ad for acne medicine and ‘Faces of Meth,’ and thought it was definitely appropriate enough for a Monday morning after breakfast.

Johnston is a twenty-two year-old student at Northwood University in West Palm Beach, Florida, and she and Tiger have been spotted numerous times in recent months both on the beaches of Florida and on Tiger’s yacht, which should be aptly named ‘Herpecin,’ or maybe ‘Valtrex.’ The above photo is from a DUI run-in she had back in October of 2010.

Anyway, before you go dismissing these claims because she comes across as just another random, digest this little tidbit: Alyse’s daddy is an executive at IMG, the sports agency that represents Tiger and his golf-playing.

Daddy. must be. SO. PROUD.

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