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SDCC 2011: Colin Farrell Talks Sobriety, ‘Fright Night’

Colin Farrell and Anton Yelchin star in 'Fright Night'

Image via LA Times’ Hero Complex

Holding the dubious distinction of Least Necessary Movie Ever: this year’s remake of the 1985 all-American horror-comedy Fright Night. (Ugh, the very idea! A remake of Gremlins could not offend me more.)

Nontheless, I’m extending cautious hopes for the remake in spite of myself, because A) Lars and the Real Girl‘s Craig Gillespie directs, B) in a feat of inspired casting, Superbad‘s Christopher Mintz-Plasse plays Evil Ed, and C) I’m a big, big Doctor Who fan.

Fright Night‘s real draw is supposed to be Colin Farrell, who plays the movie’s Sexy Vampire. He caused quite a stir during yesterday’s panel discussion at Comic-Con, in which no subject was off-limits.

Farrell, on rediscovering the joy of acting and recapturing his youthful optimism:

I came to success really quickly in relation to most other actors. The idea of how fast the chaos around me took grip, it’s insane. And I, myself personally, I lost sight of why I went to my first acting class when I was 17 in Dublin … I lost sight of that through this good fortune I was experiencing in Hollywood. So in the last six years I reconnected with the Colin who was 17. …It’s a lot of fun to do what we do. It’s such a fortunate place to find yourself.

Hero Complex with a little more:

Farrell was self-deprecating and, for a Comic-Con event, rather honest.

For instance, after a clip aired of vampire Jerry asking to borrow a six-pack of beer, Farrell quipped, “Some reps you just can’t shake. Of course Marti’s [screenwriter and Buffy alumnus Marti Noxon] vampire has to drink.” (Farrell has in the last year given interviews discussing his struggles with alcohol and his decision to give up drinking.)

From USA Today:

And answering a question about putting on the fangs compared to having mojitos in Miami Vice: “I can certainly remember taking up fangs more than taking up mojitos. ‘Miami Vice’ was a six-month blackout.”

According to every source, Colin Farrell was far from dour; instead, he was lighthearted and funny. I think “Colin Farrell Looks Happy, Sounds Content” qualifies as news, don’t you?

P.S. Last thing, and it’s sump’n for the ladies: here’s a clip of David Tennant (shirtless! In tight leather pants!) in Roddy McDowall’s old role. If you’re a fan of the original Fright Night, you’ll note that Marti Noxon’s new script changed the character from a Svengoolie to more of a Criss Angel type. Yikes.

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    • The vampire drinks beer; Colin doesn’t. Kind of like when a character smokes but the actor doesn’t? ETA: you’re just screwing with me, right?