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Selma Blair Is Too Pregnant

A photo of Selma Blair

We haven’t really covered Selma Blair and her pregnancy too much over here because it’s not like it’s 2001 anymore and I don’t have room in my heart to care about a post-Legally Blonde Selma Blair. Personally, I was going to let her and her baby ride by without commenting (unless she gave the kid a stupid name, then it would just be careless not to), but not anymore. Because Selma’s about to bust and there are pictures.

It turns out that Selma’s baby was due on July 4th. Which, you know, was a couple weeks back. What’s that baby doing in there? Not to be mean, but like, what reason would you have to have an extended stay in Selma Blair’s womb? Angelina Jolie, sure, that makes sense, why WOULDN’T you want to linger in there, but come on, Selma? Again, it’s not 2001, baby. There’s a whole wide world of magic and relevance out here for you to experience.

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  • emily, if you join jenny craig now.. you might be able to squeeze into selma’s maternity clothes by next spring!

  • emily’s post was uncalled for. if she can’t take a punch she shouldn’t throw one.. at a pregnant woman no less.

  • evilbeetdouche says you have feelings. I disagree. I think your fat ass ate them long ago in attempt to live with yourself. When was the last time you were relevant? Do tell. I am dying to hear all about your established career, fashion royalty status, smoking hot boyfriends, and fat bank account. Until then, shut the fuck up about relevance you vapid cretin twat.