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Quotables: Marc Anthony Speaks Out About His Divorce

photo of marc anthony performing on stage pictures

“They’re saying I’m single.”

Marc Anthony, J. Lo’s current ex-husband to-be, reacting publicly to his divorce news. The dude’s divorce claim hasn’t even hit some countries with lesser technology and he’s already cracking jokes at its expense. Not that I, you know, blame him. It must be a totally bitter thing to latch onto a woman as hot as Jennifer LOPEZ only to lose her a short few years later.

Anthony was said to be performing wildly at his recent (and first) show since the couple announced their looming divorce, dancing with female fans, blowing kisses, and calling them “hot mamas.”

Somebody smells a little desperate if you ask me.

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  • Do Americans not get that Marc Anthony is WAY more famous than his now ex-wife outside of north America?

  • I’ll bet JLo cut off Marc Anthony sexually some time ago and now he’s just making up for lost time. Good riddance to her.

  • marc antony is an awesome singer and has been for a long time, JLo is kinda overated, she cant sing (she never does live concerts, when she does they suck) and well her acting habilities arent winning her any oscars you know… so i dont know why u gringos thinks shes all that next to marc, he can do better

  • Marc deserves something better than JLO… she is not that hot once she has no make up on! have u seen his exwife? Dayanara Torres? That is a proof that he can get all the beautiful ladies he wants!