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Harry Potter: A Look Back Makes Me WEEPY

Oh man, my first thought when I saw this was “You’ve just got to be kidding me.” All of the emotional turmoil I’ve been in over the last few days, knowing that the HP franchise was quickly drawing to a close, watching four days of a Harry Potter marathon, Googling Potter-related recipes, buying advance tickets for the latest show, trying to reread all of the books by Friday in preparation for the inevitable … and then this gets thrown at me.

I’m three months pregnant and I KNOW my hormones are on the fritz as it is, but this was just NOT GOOD TIMING for Harry Potter to be dropping this memory-making shit on me, you know? I mean, excuse me while I go cry over my first-edition Philosopher’s Stone.

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  • My baby is due any day now- I will probably go into labor when I see the movie. I feel your pain.