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Deathly Hallows Premiered in New York Last Night!

A photo of Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, and Emma Watson

From the looks of things, this premiere wasn’t nearly as emotional as the London one, and there weren’t nearly as many Harry Potter stars. But then again, Joey Fatone and Mr. Jay from America’s Next Top Model weren’t in London, so I guess everything evens out.

Check out the gallery so you can tell me what’s up with Daniel Radcliffe‘s hair and Emma Watson‘s dress, all right? Oh, and also check it out if you want to see Joey and Mr. Jay. You know that’s what you wanted.

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  • Emma’s dress: the shape didn’t come out quite right, but I really like the vision that [I’m hoping] the designer had. The fabric isn’t fluid enough to get the drapey effect, but I think that’s what they were going for, which I love. Unfortunately, it looks like she got ensnared in some awful drapery and didn’t have the time to untangle herself before the premier. And she still looks lovely.

    • He’s like 5’5″, he’s a tiny little man. This is all according to IMDB, but Emma’s an inch taller, plus heels.

  • Dress, nothing!!!! Somewhere in NY there is a make-up “artist” who will never get another job!

  • I know she’s wearing heels and all but Emma looks like a GIANT next to those two boys.

    And yeah, Neville got hot.

  • Ok, many of us think Emma is a beautiful and talented young lady and have grown fond of her partly\mostly due to her portrayal of Hermione. The pixie was shocking, but cute. This hair glued to the head look is weird and unflattering. Did that dress used to be a hotel curtain or bedspread. Yuk! I admire and respect Emma, but she may need a new mirror; her current one has failed her.