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Kate Gosselin Is Dead Inside

A photo of Kate Gosselin

I know, Kate Gosselin has always been dead inside, but this is new evidence.  See, for this upcoming episode of Kate Plus 8, Kate and her brood make some baked goods for their local dialysis center, and she told her seven-year-old kids (I think they’re seven, anyway) that “if you spill sugar you will get down and pick up every granular and you know I mean that.”  That seems a little silly, right?  I don’t know, I don’t have kids and that’s not the point.  The point is this hilarious video of Kate interacting with her children and the camera dudes and how completely and utterly soulless she looks.

The video is autoplay, tragically, and apparently not embeddable, so just trust me and do yourself a favor and check it out.  We’ll meet back here in ten to discuss.

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  • Tiffany, was thinking the same thing. A good proportion of dialysis patients have diabetes. Cookies are a perfect present to bring to them, right?
    Oh, and I love how Kate tells her daughter to go wash her hands again after she sees her touching her hair, whereas Kate touches her own hair later in the video and seems to think nothing of it.

  • On one hand I think – poor kids! They never get to have any fun! What kid doesn’t get to spill a little sugar and make a mess cooking/baking?

    On the other hand, if I had that many kids, all potentially making a mess at the same time…I think I would be a bit obsessive about cleanliness too. There should be some sort of structure and order. (Not to the extent that she takes it though.)

  • My husband is on dialysis and he is diabetic so no sugar however sugar is on the list of have as much as you want if you are on dialysis and do not have diabetes. Contrary to the opinion of most of commenters cookies are very good to have when your on the dialysis machine the sugar keeps your blood pressure up which makes the treatment easier on the body plus some folks get very hungry during treatment. As for Kate and her children I just want to say Thank You it’s nice that you thought of others as for everyone else who thinks they are on the side of righteousness stop talking and sign up to be a donor. Because my husband and many the other 70,000 + people waiting for a kidney will die before one becomes available. Donate Life !

  • What kids don’t spill something while making cookies? HELL I spill sugar when I’m baking, and I’m an avid baker! That being said it is nice that they’re bringing a treat to people who have to go through something pretty crummy sometimes several times a week.