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I Kind of Miss Miley Cyrus a Little Bit, You Know?

photo of hot miley cyrus performing world tour in brisbane pictures photos pics

Do you know what I mean? It’s kind of like fourth grade, when the boy that sits behind you and pulls your hair finally gets moved and he’s all angry about it and blames you for it, and then he realizes hey, that bitch who sat in front of me isn’t really all that anyway and moves on to pull the hair of the new girl sitting in front of him. You never really liked him all that much to begin with, but now that he wasn’t interested in you anymore it just made him SO MUCH MORE INTRIGUING.

Here we have photos of the US’s very own Miley Cyrus, still on her Gypsy Heart tour that’s stopping everywhere but here. You sad yet?

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    • yep, that’s just who I want my 12 year old looking up to, what the hell is wrong with people, im telling yall someone has released dumbass gas into the air!!


  • My daughter is 11 years old and she has watched her show on Disney since it aired, a few months ago my daughter asked me what happened to Miley shes not Miley anymore. She said she use to be my idol but not anymore. I told her Money changed her.Thats what happens to most kids in the entertainment industry. So be careful what you wish for.

    • I know, right, I wish these girls realized any female can be slutty, naked or trashy, but it takes talent to be a real female entertainer with morals, like Mrs. Loretto Lynn and such names as that!! You know a real woman!

  • I think miley can do or dress how ever she wants she’s of age now i think and she customer and gas the body to wear that kind of clothes ( :-* miley )

  • shes looking 4 smthn bad as u know
    i feel sorry 4 her
    shes just a kid
    im 17 and i feel like laughing when seeing her
    such a child

  • where r her tits?!?!? she has not boobs?? weird? i guess she must have used inserts?

  • hm okay… I think that when she was younger she was a very famous and talented girl with awsome songs and very good movies… Now I don’t see that kind of the girl I amdmired… She has great songs, however, and i like to listen to them… That’s what money does on teenagers… she has lost her personality and her mind… Just an advice ”be carefull Miley…”
    I still love her however <3 :)

    • i agree children will look up to her and she changes her personality thats what fame and money does to you i miss the old miley but everyone must know that on television she is just acting

  • She can do whatever she want she of age now and y’all kids need to know that she was just a acter that was not her real life and that when they get her age they will understand

    • she needs to give a shit that she got the KIDS to follow her as fans and look up to her, if she wanted to be a whore in the eyes of the public she should of started that way and not mislead kids, thats what molesters do they offer kids candy and then screw them over. she should have quit the show when her and her dad decided to change her image, and not stay till she was 20

      • i wonder why u post here instead of posting on her EFFING email so go waste ur stupid comments there if u want to change her u can but just know if she wants to be a hoe let her she will be out of her caree because of that kay so just shut the EFF up

        later nimron

  • u should just leave to do what the eff she wants its not ur effing body for crying out loud if it was then u should be concerned but its not

  • Why can’t she dress however she wants…just because she wants to show a little skin does not mean she is a slut…there are artist out now who wear less then her but they aren’t referred to as sluts….also people should be their own kids role models don’t let tv raise your kids….also she is not a child anymore she has the right to grow up and show people she is sexy…is she taking it a bit too far a bit too fast maybe but people are being much too harsh on her listen to yourselves read what you typed is that the “morals” you wish to teach your children shameful just shameful leave miley alone ps she is quite attractive

  • Personally I believe attacking her for growing up is an example of stupid gas no one acts the same as they did when they were 11 people change