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Have You Checked Out JK Rowling’s New Website?

It’s called Pottermore, and that little screencap above is the only thing there so far.  Well, that, and if you click on one of the owls, you get linked to a YouTube page with a countdown to an announcement from JK Rowling (five days!), and the caption for the video is “The owls are gathering … find out why soon.”  Kind of cryptic, right?  WHAT COULD IT BE?!

My biggest Harry Potter dream would have to be another seven books, all about the Marauders.  You know, like the same structure as the seven Harry Potters, except with Harry’s dad and his pals at Hogwarts.  I realize that’s a lot to ask for and that it probably won’t happen, and if it did happen, I would just die, but that’s what I’m going to choose to wish for.

What about you?  Any wild HP-related dreams or any realistic ideas as to what this announcement could be?  Let’s get into it.

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  • My Potter dream is having stories about everyone’s kids! Or like, Harry’s great great great great grandson saving the world again. I’m lame and un-creative I guess!

  • it would be just sooo nice to read the post-Voldemort era, how they all got married…I mean come on! Who got the courage to confess love, Ron or Hermione? and was it like a double wedding? God, it would really be nice.

  • Actually, according to several interviews/the copyright, it looks like it’s going to be a website with social networking and games, and the Harry Potter Encyclopedia that she promised us. I really wish she would write more books as well, but she has said that this is absolutely not a new book.