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Love It or Leave It: Nicole Kidman Is Not OK

A photo of Nicole Kidman

There is something wrong with Nicole Kidman, you guys.  You can tell because of this ensemble and also by what she’s doing to her face. Now, I could talk for a while about her face, but her face is neither here nor there (it is, in fact, lost in time and space*, floating through the cosmos in a place where it can never be seen again).  No, right now we are going to talk about the atrocity that she decided to put on her body for last night’s CMT Awards.  Gag me with a fucking spoon.

If you guys could analyze everything that’s wrong with this whole picture while I curl up in a ball and try to will myself to die, I would really appreciate it.

*And in meaning.  Rocky Horror, everybody.

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  • I think having a youtube account humbled her. She was all like “normal people dress themselves! I’m going to, too!” And after years of having assistants dress her she decided to try it herself and she had no fucking idea what to do.

  • I laughed out loud a couple of times, then thought to myself “this can’t possibly be anyone on this site other than Emily”….I scroll up, and alas, it was!