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Florence and the Machine Does Buddy Holly

There will never be a time in my life when I don’t want to listen to Florence and the Machine.  I’m going to be 80 and my grandkids will be jamming on their 111th generation iPods or whatever music players they’ll have in sixty years, and I’ll be like “yo, put on Lungs, stop being a little bitch.”  And then I’ll hit them with my cane, because I simply won’t give a fuck.  And there’s a bit of prophecy for you.

This is Florence taking on Buddy Holly’s “Never Fade Away,” flawlessly, I might add.  Do you love it?

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  • That was teh AWESOME!! Great share, and now I just want to lay in the grass, drink cheap wine and listen to this over and over and over.

  • That was awesome — I agree. THIS is why she’s so great – she totally mixed it up. God I adore her.