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Oh Snap! Why Does Ben Affleck Have a Black Eye and What Does It Have To Do With Blake Lively?

Picture of Ben Affleck with a Black Eye

Ben Affleck was photographed out in Los Angeles with his wifey yesterday and yo! People are immediately jumping to the conclusion that the mark is a result of the Blake Lively nudes being released.

People have been saying for awhile that there’s a chance Ben and Blake got their swerve on while filming The Town, and now that those nudes are floating around everywhere and Blake’s totally sporting the same fake tatts in them that she did in the movie, it makes even more sense. Yeah, her rep claims the photos are fake, but a lot of reps are fake, too. If you asked me, I’d say those pictures are the real deal.

Here’s what I wanna know: Did Jennifer Garner lay that thing on him? Because if so, that is tight! I knew she used to do a lot of her own stunts back in her Alias days, but punching her man in the eye for boning the town floozy while he was on location? That’s gangster.

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  • Okay if this the least bit true, Blake Lively is a trifling ass whore, why the hell would you mess with a married man? I don’t care how much animal magnetism there is, married men? Off fucking limits. Respect hoe. Of course leave it up to a hoe to slut her way to the top. She’s got the weirdest mouth when speaking, shut it then she’d be decent but once she starts talking she looks like her teeth are having a fight with her lips and the teeth are winning. It’s so weird like they contain themselves in her mouth, she should see a speech therapist or something to learn how to control that. And her body? At best mediocre, Jenn Garner’s body was way more smoking in Alias and even now after 2 kids.