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Was Joe Jonas Too Fat to Play Spiderman?

This video of a Paramount exec calling up Joe Jonas to tell him that he didn’t land the role of Spiderman due to his set of particularly thick thighs has been floating around the ‘nets today, and while I don’t think it’s real (just a very good impression), I can’t help but laugh knowing that this is exactly how such matters are handled in this town.

Well, it’s actually not exactly how they’d be handled. Normally a call like this would go to a manager and then the manager would have to break the news to their client that they’re a little too bottom heavy to make the cut, but the passive-aggressive tone? The semi-ass kissing? The “I’m too busy for this but hey! It’s Joe Jonas!” attitude? Oh, that is SO VERY Hollywood.

Let’s just celebrate the idea that we may have gotten the Gift of Garfield because a certain JoBro hasn’t been doing his squats, okay?

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  • Seriously?!?!? Tell me this call is a joke. This man is a total a$$hole. I’m not a big Jonas fan, but come on. Have a little tact. I mean really, (@paramount exec in video) is this how you conduct yourself on a daily basis? If it is, I certainly hope that someone else above you sees this, or preferably stock holders of your company, and they take some action against you. Simply pathetic. Better yet, why don’t you film yourself in Spiderman tights for the world to see and post it, rather than this rubbish you posted to YouTube just to show how you look in them. Then we can all comment on your fat thighs, or more so, your made-for behind the camera only face. Sadly, but surely, I thought I’d just throw that out there, since you flippantly throw insults out yourself.