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Let’s Take Another Look at the Rock Kim Kardashian’s Dragging Around With Her

photo of kim kardashian and kris humphries engagement ring 20.5 carats pictures photos

And I don’t mean her fiancé, Kris Humphries (man, of COURSE he spells his name with a K).

The ring? Let’s talk about this some more, and how inappropriate it is. How seriously ugly, fake-looking and over-the-top it is. I’m a fan of classy, and I’m sorry, but unless you’re Madam Maxime, there’s no pulling this off whatsoever.

The happy pair of lovebirds were photographed publicly for the first time together since announcing their engagement, and of course Kim took every opportunity to flash the gigantic emerald-shaped diamond that, you know, would STILL be fucking obvious even if she tried to hide it in her ass. That, my friends? Is how you know that this sucker is just positively HUGE.

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  • Ugliest ring ever. Also, does anyone else think it’s weird that her mom and her fiance have the same first name? Just sayin’.