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Everybody’s Listening to Florence and the Machine, Right?

I really hope you are, because you know how I want you to have the nicest things in life.  I just want the best for you, ok? If you haven’t been listening to Florence and the Machine, then you’ve been missing out on some spectacular music, and you also might not be as excited to hear that Florence is working on a brand new album that is almost surely going to be just as magical as the first one:

The singer, who released her debut album Lungs in 2009, said there are songs about ghosts and her dead grandmother amongst other things. ”A lot of the songs on the new album are about imaginary things,” she told Nylon Magazine. “Things that you can’t touch: ghosts and rumours, my dead grandmother, things visiting you in a dream.”

The singer added that she feels drawn to dark metaphors and even though she was in a stable relationship she felt the album would still deal with lots of issues.

She added: “It still feels like I’m very much drawn to dark metaphors in the new songs. It always feels like as if with each song you write, you’re trying to understand something about yourself: Why am I this way? What’s wrong with me?”

Welch continued: “It feels as if there’s still a lot of questioning left to do. Just because I’m happy in my relationship, I’ve still got issues to deal with. I’m going to be 25 and I feel like I’ve got to be a grown-up now. I feel like your life is always a battle between safety and freedom.”

In my eyes, there’s not a chance in the world that this album will not be flawless.  Florence’s talk of dark metaphors and dreams and imaginary things on the new album seems reminiscent of my very very favorite Florence song, “Blinding,” so basically I cannot even wait until this new album comes out sometime this year.

What do you guys think?  Are you into Florence and the Machine, or is that not quite your style?  Let’s talk good music, everybody.

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  • Cannot tell you how much I adore F+tM. I have a feeling this new album will be my goto music of choice in 2012. I just found her B-side “Swimming” thanks to Pandora and that’s freaking fantastic as well.

  • Good music? Ummm.. listen to the remixed/remastered first Who record, “The Who Sings My Generation”. Then… absorb the fact that their average age was 20 when they recorded it.

    Compared to that, Florence and the Machine is .. .meh…. I suspect she’s a one-trick pony…

  • Then, go listen to “Black Sabbath” by Black Sabbath. Again, these guys were around 21. The record was done in 20 hours. It is a record of musical and sonic perfection, and sounds as crisp and fresh and rocks your face off as well now as 41 years ago when it came out.

  • Sorry, but to me she sounds like the combination of a Swiss yodeler and a hyena caught in a bear trap.

  • May I humbly request, as an older member who really wants to explore the material of a younger generation, a listen of Siouxsie, formerly Siouxsie and the Banshees…..

    This is a solo effort from Siouxsie and I find it sublime, as sublime as Florence and the Machine and Marina and the Diamonds…..

    She got lost between the cracks, but she is larger than life and glorious… A Goddess/ High Priestess…