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Angelina From ‘Jersey Shore’ is Going to Have a Tiny Orange Baby!

I would have guessed that J-Woww would have been the first of the Jersey Shore girls to get knocked up (and like, keep the baby,) but TMZ told us today that the show’s first mom is actually going to be Angelina Pivarnick.

Angelina, who left the show during its second season because she had “trust issues” with the rest of the cast (great instincts, right? Those will surely come in handy soon,) is pregnant with the child of her fiance, Dave Kovacs. The two became engaged back in February, and while no due date has been announced, I’m pretty sure that the it’s not a total coincidence that she just so happens to be pregnant. Shore-side shotgun wedding, anyone?

I have to admit that I really haven’t seen much of Jersey Shore and I’m not totally familiar with Angelina (isn’t she like, the least famous of the bunch?) but is there even a remote chance that this woman is capable of raising a child? I mean, score one for her for getting the hell out of that mess, but could someone who’s participated in binge drinking, fist pumping and on-air sex possibly be mom material?

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  • Does Kirsty Alley really believe that we believe that she can loose
    like 100 lbs. in a few weeks. She’s not a size 8 or 6. She is more than likely a size 16 now. that may be why she has never been successfull in her diets. She becomes a little delusional when her
    blood sugar gets below 200. Don’t get me wrong, I love Alley and vote every week for her. But lets get real.

  • People said the same of Nicole Richie. But she sure cleaned up. Here’s hoping Angelina Staten Island can do the same, for the sake of the baby.