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You might be surprised by the most recent photos of Jessica Simpson. Bu then again, you might not. [The Superficial]

Uh, who says Boyfriend jeans aren’t sexy? [Lainey Gossip]

You’ll never believe who’s in line to take custody of MJ’s kids when Grandma croaks. [Bossip]

Blake Lively goes redhead. [ICYDK]

Megan Fox is FINALLY removing that STUPID tattoo. [Amy Grindhouse]

America’s Next Top Model is going all-star! [The Frisky]

Alicia Keys: director? [Caught on Set]

So I guess we’re so assume that Chris Hemsworth has a HUGE GIGANTIC PENIS? [Celebuzz]

So did he DROP his kid or did he THROW his kid? Big difference. [IDLYITW]

Paul Bettany – getting hotter and hotter every day. [Pajiba]

Here’s your daily crazy Lea Michele. [I’m Not Obsessed]

And this is Kate Hudson‘s massive engagement ring. [Socialite Life]

Does Sarah Jessica Parker have one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood? [INFDaily]

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  • re: Jessica Simpson Looks Better…depends on what your idea of “better” is. If I was the CEO of Spanx, I would think she looked terrific.
    Re: Kate Hudson: Wow, I’m surprised. I guess I have to take back all that crap I said about Matt Bellamy getting “trapped.” Having said that, I am 98% sure that this marriage will tank, too.