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Kirstie Alley Really Wants You to Believe That She’s a Size 8

photo of kirstie alley weight loss pictures in LA dancing with the stars photos

I am not here to rip Kirstie Alley for her weight, her prior weight gain and/or loss, or the steps she’s taken to regulate what she looks like. I’m firmly of the opinion that a number size and a weight doesn’t matter, as long as you’re healthy, in shape, and comfortable.

That being said, there’s still probably NO FUCKING WAY that Kirstie Alley is a size 8, as she told Us magazine earlier in the week:

“I started out in a size 12, then an 8, and then I think next week I’ll be in a 6,” she said after her performance Monday night. “The real size I want to be in is probably a 4 or a 6. That’s where I look best.”

First of all, Kirstie is about 5’7″. And I find it awfully hard to believe that she started the season off at a size 12. Kirstie, at the beginning of the show, was probably more a size 16 or even 18. She still looked just fine. As for her weight loss, yup, Kirstie’s lost a lot of weight, and I give her mad props for that, but she’s definitely – definitely – nothing less than a 12 or at the very least, 10, these days.

The above photos were taken last night in LA. ‘Fat’ or not, she’s a gorgeous woman, and that’s just all that there is to it.  But OK, Kirstie, you’re a size 8. Just like Kim Kardashian is a size 2. If that’s what makes you feel good, have at it, I suppose.

Me, I just wanna know where the gnomes are that cut out the old and sew in the new size tags into these garments. I wanna borrow them for just a few days.

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  • A size 8???? Is she serious?

    She’s a 12 now, and was probably a 17 when she started. She does look fantastic (that’s an amazing dress and it looks great on her), but I don’t understand why she has to lie about being a size 8. It’s so obvious it’s false. Just be proud that you probably dropped 6 sizes, but not to an 8…to a 12.

    It’s Kim Kardashian who is probably a size 8

  • I think each leg is a size 8 – which adds up to the proper size of 16. Damn Hollywood and their leg sizes!!

  • She looks great? Her legs look like sausages and there’s skin hanging off her FOREARMS, she looks like someone who has gained and lost tons of weight numerous times and that is very unhealthy. I know she’s old but she’s looked unhealthy for a long time.

  • Sorry Kristie, you’re setting yourself up for failure. I’m 5’3 and weigh just over a buck. THAT’S a size 4. Be realistic.

    I have a friend who is drop dead gorgeous and she’s a size 12. She works out like mad, has a killer toned body and is slender with some smoking curves. She’s also 5’10 and bigger boned. If she said she wanted to drop to a size 4 I’d get an intervention together because she’d be nothing but a skeleton. Kristie, just get yourself in shape and don’t worry about clothing sizes!

  • Haven’t you ever noticed that the more expensive the clothing, the smaller the size is listed on the tag? If I try on a size 6 at Walmart, that same article (okay, not the SAME!) in the same size would be a 0 or a 2 at a store where I couldn’t afford to buy anything.

    If Kirstie were to run over to KMart to buy a pair of slacks, she wouldn’t be able to get a size 6 up over her knees.

  • Do those photos look strangely elongated? She does look good but she’s no smaller than a 12.

  • I wish she was in Africa, she couldve been laughed at for dying to be a size 8 up to a point of lying bout it…..

  • When I was in my early20’s I was this shape and size minus being top heavy like her,and I was a size. 16!…kirstie we are not fools nor blind!..,and there is nothing wrong with her,wheni was this size I was called hot and sexy!…actually still called that,the men are just younger! for her wanting to be a size 4,she would have to shrink her large build frame down 2 sizes! she should be happy with this or even a size 12,because realistically she can never be smaller because of her large build.

  • Size 8, my ass ! I’m probably about her size right now but shorter, and I’m about a 11-12. I’ve never been a size 8 even at my thinnest !

  • i would agree she looks like she is a size 12 either way she still looks damn good i hope she stays at 12 or even 10 cause she is HOT! in that dress look at that ass that is a fuck me ass right there boy your sexy at that size