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Emma Watson Probably Left Brown Because Her Classmates Were Assholes

A photo of Emma Watson

Back in March, we learned that Emma Watson decided to take a break from Brown University, opting to focus on her career instead. And that was fine, that was a personal choice, and if you could make as much money as Emma does by looking adorable all over the world and pretending to be a witch, then you’d probably hold off on school for a few years too. Especially if you had some dick yell out “three points for Gryffindor!” every time you got an answer right in class.

Yeah, that happened. A lot.

Another annoying thing that happened a lot – Emma would go to football games, just to be a normal college student, you know (how normal is that though?  I never went to a single game when I was in college.  The closest I got to going to a sporting event was doing shots on the tailgating field during homecoming), except she had to sit with a couple security guards while every douchebag in sight “shouted Harry Potter phrases at her.”  You can’t blame Emma for taking a break from that nonsense, can you?

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  • I have to admit that when I was visiting Brown to decide whether or not I wanted to attend their Ph.D program, I was looking for her everywhere. Although I would have tried not to be a crazy fangirl and bother her if I’d actually seen her. I just would have been excited.

  • pfft whatever; weaksauce. she couldn’t complete her studies because of stupid distractions. it’s lack of focus and drive on her part.

  • I attended Northwestern with Meryl Streep’s daughter, who was in the theater program, you know, acting in plays, the whole caboodle. I didn’t know her, but she was a friend of some theater major friends, and they said she was really nice.

    So whenever Ms. Streep came to town (a supportive mom!) everybody knew, because there would suddenly be this massive, insane line coming out of the Unicorn Cafe. Like, we knew by the crowd that Meryl Streep was in Evanston because, well, just look at the Unicorn. And that mob behavior is just so insidiously obnoxious. Like, now everyone wants coffee and WiFi? Right now? Really? All of you are studying for finals? Hey, your rubber neck is showing, everybody.

    So, irritated that a mob had come between me and my preferred coffee bean, I would grit my teeth and stalk off to Kafein for a cup of coffee instead. Would that Meryl’s family had the same anonymous luxury, right?

    Obviously it’s different in a nice big metropolis like NYC or London, where celebrities can put on sunglasses and the natives, assuming a cold and polite aloofness, pay no mind. Probably Emma Watson had visited NYC and hoped other Ivy League campuses would offer the same civility. But in Providence, Rhode Island? Or in Evanston, Illinois? Unless John Cusack is visiting, celebrity sightings are scarce, and people can’t exercise restraint. Blech.


  • You think possibly all her ranting and raving in various American magazines had something to do with any heckling she recieved? She did say she wanted to keep her college experience private but wants she got there she had to tell teh presses about it like she was writing a letter home to mom and dad from camp. Maybe that irked a “few” students. I don’t think she was bullied. People are going overboard with the heckling stuff. She quit Brown for Lancome. Why? Well she tweeted Jan 17th about going back to Brown but never made it there for the 26th. That tweet had since been removed. All this focus on other projects is media spin on her part to save her media hyped and self created image.

  • kind of fucked up how every talks shit when there not making movies that they fall off there career or why did you take a break @ such a young age. but if you look @ her end of it harry potter made well over the billions. so if you look @ staff crew and talent pay cuts. alot of the stars made there multi millions by film number 3. so if this girl wanted to look for her future in her life aside making a really good or bad movie. she can fall back and say well i got my mba or my aa or shit ph.d in w/e the fuck she wanted. she couldnt had the money to start her own empire. without the thought of i have to pay for this or that. i say to those who cant look @ a star in the street and act like a total fucking moron and cry and run to them. remember the day if your famous someone does it to you and worse when your with your kids and eating. there people too! let them live and if she answers right correct it by saying good job or shit can we study. @ least be friends before you act like a fucking asshole dick face dick rider hater. yes that was a mouthful but c’mon son! this ends my hate to people like this. emma baby do you i will gladly watch any movie of yours. and support your move from off the big screen into just a normal life. 100!