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Hermione Granger Would be Having a Stroke Right About Now

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I don’t know about you guys, but as an AVID Harry Potter freak, I have a pretty hard time separating the books’ characters from its actors and actresses, so whenever I see Emma Watson flitting around in public, scantily clad, and I automatically think, ‘Girlfriend, Ron is going to be SO ENVIOUS of EVERY DUDE THAT CHECKS YOU OUT.’ Then I have to shake myself because it’s just. not. real.

Sometimes it even kind of transcends into actual life for me sometimes. I was watching some really cheesy Brendan Fraser action movie last night and it was super-intense.  SUPER-INTENSE.  There were a lot of cliffhanger moments and at one point, a life-saving rope was, like, JUST out of reach. My polluted-ass brain? Fires its cockeyed synapses and I say – out loud, mind you – ‘Accio! ACCIO, Fraser!’

And so this is why I’m a gossip writer and not, you know, someone that has to hold sharp objects in a delicate and precise manner for an extended period of time, like a surgeon or gas station attendant or something.

But anyway, forget about me, Emma Watson has decided to take a break from her studies at Brown University in an effort to concentrate on her career. She states that it’s become too much of an effort to balance studying and tests and what not with the uber-demanding schedule that’s been set forth by the upcoming premiere for the final installment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It’s apparent that girlfriend’s got contractual obligations for this crap, and I know that she can’t just get an excuse to miss work because she’s got a test or whatever, but withdrawing. Wow. It’s nuts. People are freaking out. I even read on a related message board that there were some people out there that were really concerned about Emma losing her financial aid because of dropping her full-time student status, but I chuffed because GUYS. Emma Watson, filling out the fucking FAFSA? PUH-LEASE.

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