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Christina Aguilera Gets a Star on the Gay Walk of Fame

Christina Aguilera was “honored” yesterday with her very own star on the Gay Walk of Fame. How exciting for her?

What’s the Gay Walk of Fame and how is it different than the actual walk of fame? Well, the Walk of Fame spreads around Grauman’s Chinese Theater and continues for ten blocks or so in either direction and is filled with stars representing every Hollywood legend you can think of. Who receives a star is voted on by a committee, and the celebrity in question actually pays to have the star installed and maintained.

The Gay Walk of Fame is located a couple miles west of the real Walk of Fame and is on Robertson Boulevard, just off of Santa Monica… and it’s in a restaurant/gay bar known as The Abbey. You know, where all of Hollywood’s fruit flies like to go to get their mojito on.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d be pretty freakin’ excited if they gave me my very own cement slab that was built into the ground of one of my top five favorite Los Angeles gay bars, but let’s not pretend like this is an actual honor and not something The Abbey is doing to promote their establishment….

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  • I truly LOVE Christina Aguilera! She is pictured ALL over my room.
    She is a talented woman, a truly great example of female beauty to all women: curvy, feminine, innocent yet sexy.

  • Wow, why all of the hate towards Christina? I guess your full-time job as a blogger trumps hers as an amazing vocalist and performer. Green is not a good color for you…