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Kenny Rogers Sure Jacked Up His Face, Huh?

A photo of Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers used to be one fine ass dude.  I can remember being five or six and hearing my mother and my sister go on for days about how handsome he was.  And it was true – he’s The Gambler, and there’s no taking that away from him.  But man, he went a little overboard with the plastic surgery.

Back in 2006, Kenny told People that he had his eyes done. Yeah, no kidding.  He looks like he’s got the same inability to show emotion as Nicole Kidman, which is such a tragedy when you have such emotionally provocative songs in your repertoire as “Islands in the Stream.”

What else do you think Kenny’s done to wreck his beautiful face?

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  • He was never my type. Country-western guys make me sick. Plastic surgery?! He looks like a chimpanzee undergoing chemo! What happened to aging gracefully?