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I’d Hate to Have Megan Fox as a Sister or Even a Friend

[image removed on request]

Apparently, though, we all can’t be as lucky as the rest of us are, because this perfectly lovely and adorable girl IS Megan Fox‘s sister, and what’s worse is that she was seen out with her. I’m telling you right now, that if Megan Fox were MY sister, I’d never go anywhere with her. Megan Fox would make me look frumpy, dumpy, bloated, and adolescent, whereas she, next to a ‘normal’ girl, would look even more flawless than she already does.

Do us a favor, Megan – don’t hang out with the ‘regular’ people in public, and start doing things with your Hollywood peers. Then maybe we won’t feel so sorry for ourselves I won’t feel so sorry for myself.

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  • well… she does look tons better without make up on. i wouldn’t exactly hate being her sister, i’d just hate the comparisons. oh well.

  • When I was 14, my friend’s boyfriend’s sister came to visit her family in our area for the summer. This girl was 15 and the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. In my eyes she looked like she was in her 20’s and should be a model. You know, perfect skin, big blue eyes and that gorgeous dark red hair that very few redheads ever get. We all really wanted to be her friend,she was so adult and put together, and sweet, too.

    One morning a bunch of us were together talking on my friend’s porch and this girl wanted someone to walk downtown with her. I said no because I hadn’t had a shower and I was just wearing sweats. Her reply was “What are you worried about? Nobody’s going to be looking at you anyway.” What a little bitch!

    The way I felt after she said that is the way I’d feel if I had to walk next to MF! I wouldn’t be able to help it, lol.

      • sammy what a bitch, eh? i bet now she’s fat and looking ugly. i knew a person like her now she’s fat and ugly and doesn’t even know how to dress but when we were kids she was the hot one and was full of herself.

  • well, my BFF is Megan Fox (not literally). next to her I look like Megan’s sister. I hate it! I’m a fan of the Gossip Girl books and while reading them I would always picture my friend as Serena and me as Blair. everytime we go out together I turn invisible.

  • i think her sister looks beatiful.
    and i don’t feel sorry for myself at all. megan fox used to be gorgeous until she f*cked up her face. she doesn’t even look like the same person.

  • I’d be lucky to be her sister-think about it. You’d have some of the same genes. But Kristie and Megan have different dads but you can see the mom’s side is the comparison. And also Kristie is probably like 10 years older and married with 2 kids. Megan is still 24 sans babies.

    • Megan and Kristi are not half sisters. They both were born from the same mom and dad. Their parents divorced when Megan was 3 and her mom married an older man.

  • I haven’t seen her since that summer but I can only hope she got herself a nice fat ass! Probably not, though :)

  • I wouldn´t be ashamed of havin Megan Fox as a sis, especially cause Megan looks like a cool person to me.
    If we were sisters I think I would go everywhere with her! LOL
    OMG I´m such an attention hugger. I have a problem :9

  • Her sister is gorgeous! If I were a guy, I would prefer the sister. At least she is not a skeletor.

  • am i the only one who thinks the sister’s pretty? shes normal-looking, decent clothes, nice hair… she seems like she’d be fun to hang out with. at this point i actually feel bad for megan… people hate her guts and she cant change that.

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  • Those who say they prefer the sister are fat girls. because the sister is fat. Stop pretending to be a guy. guys like skinny girls. the olny parts they want fat is boobs and butt

  • i think her sister is pretty … she is just overweight. if she lost all that she would look as sexy as megan fox! they have the same features!