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Scream 4 Premiered Last Night and We Have the Photos!

photo of neve campbell courteney cox and david arquette scream four 4 premiere pictures photos

So Scream 4 premieres in theaters on Friday. Are you guys pretty excited? I am. I love cheesy horror movies, and the Scream movies, while not all that scary, were always pretty good. They make me think of my later high school years, and how cheesy that was, and all in all, it’s good, cheesy memory-making fun. I mean, I can’t really take anything seriously that David Arquette has done since then (or, wait … ever), and it’s going to be cool to see the Courteney Cox evolution that’s occurred over the past decade, and hell, whatever Neve Campbell‘s been doing aside from riding the Scream royalties, so yeah. Good times. It’s also pretty interesting to see how uncomfortable Courteney looks next to her ‘best friend,’ David, and how you just KNOW that Neve is on the prowl for some hot young dude (not David) since her divorce.

And also, did Matthew Lillard (Scream‘s original Stu) have some kind of stroke? That, and Nia Vardalos, who is absolutely adorable and whom I LOVE really needs to have some pose-coaching, because that pose she struck on the red carpet? Just … wow. And one last thing, I promise – why the fuck was Marilyn Manson and his fat hands there? … OK, sorry, I lied: Jamie Kennedy? Guys, he’s looking just so fine. SO SO FINE.

Anyway. You guys gonna go see it?

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