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The Kids Choice Awards are So Embarrassing

I was a total Nickelodeon kid growing up. I watched SNICK every Saturday night, lived for Clarissa Explains It All and never missed a Kids Choice Awards, but now that I’ve seen the photos from Saturday’s show, I’m starting to wonder if I ever had an ounce of taste.

First of all, the entire gallery is made up of some of the most embarrassing photos of celebrities I’ve ever seen. Paris Hilton looks stoned, that one actress from that one thing’s Spanx were exposed on the red carpet, and Johnny Depp is swingin’ around a slime hose like it’s his you-know-what. Did I miss the memo that said the best way to entertain kids is by acting like a complete leotard? Oh, and is Taylor Momsen and all of her inappropriateness even legally allowed in a room with kids under the age of 10?

Did anyone watch the KCAs on Saturday and if so, were they as humiliatingly bad as they look in these photos?

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