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Justin Timberlake Moves on for the World to See

photo of justin timberlake and olivia wilde kissing on the set of NOW pictures

Remember back when Justin was allegedly cheating on Jessica Biel with Olivia Munn? Yes? Right, I never got that either. However, now that Jess is out of the picture and groveling at other actors’ feet for a date, Justin has moved along to ANOTHER Olivia, and she’s way hotter than Olivia Munn.

Does the name Olivia Wilde ring a bell for you? It should – she’s hot and pretty talented.  And though she just recently divorced her Italian prince of a husband (no, really, he was Italian and actually was a prince), she and Justin Timberlake were spotted together this past weekend in LA, presumably on a date, as the two arrived at the Roxbury Club in LA and ‘snuggled’ together in the VIP section. Eyewitnesses claim that the two made their ‘snuggly’ way out onto one of the club’s decks, and then around 3 AM left together.  I’m assuming they were headed to his place to do – what else – some more snuggling.

Justin Timberlake’s cute and all, but I’m just not getting how he gets such hot chicks – Britney, Jessica Biel, an alleged hookup with Mila Kunis, and now Olivia Wilde? I know he tries to be charming an funny and whatever, but his soup bit on SNL really isn’t all THAT panty-soakingly great, is it?

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