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Tara Reid Does ‘The Big Lebowski 2’, I Weep For Her

Tara Reid hasn’t had much luck with her career since her breakout role in The Big Lebowski, so it makes sense that she’d have a special place in her heart for the Coen Brother’s classic, but her new FunnyOrDie video feels like less of a tribute and more of a “I can’t let go of one of the only successful things I’ve ever done,” thing.

The video, which is a mock trailer for The Big Lebowski 2, features Tara playing the parts of everyone’s favorite characters from the original Big Lebowski. It also features Tara’s terrible acting, which is exaggerated greatly by the fact that all she does to slip in to each role is lower her voice a couple octaves. For most of this video she sounds like a child doing an impression of her father. Humiliating.

Don’t you hate it when a celebrity does a FunnyOrDie video and they somehow seem to wind up on the outside of the joke?