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Lindsay Lohan’s Funny or Die Video Was Her Own Idea

I ran it last night, but I’m running it again today, because it’s just that good.

And now the folks over at FOD are saying that Lindsay was in on the joke — in fact, doing the spoof was her idea.

“She wanted to do a Funny or Die video with all the stuff that everyone’s saying,” director Eric Appel tells Us. “She wanted to respond to it in a funny way, show that she gets it.”

Lohan reached out to Will Ferrell’s manager Wednesday about shooting a spoof. By Thursday, the team was pitching her ideas. On Friday, they had a script written. They filmed the one-and-a-half-minute clip in under two hours on Saturday.

“She came up with the stuff about being a threat to all security guards — she improvised while doing it,” he says. “She threw in a bunch of fun, funny stuff.”

The actress also holds up a cover of Us Weekly, which Appel says, “was a last minute thing. We all came up with the idea collectively and sent someone to the store to buy one. It was her idea to say, ‘I’m so alone’ directly into the camera.”

The director complimented her professionalism and acting skills, which is something you don’t hear a lot of these days. “She came in, did her thing, was really professional,” Appel says. “People forget Lindsay Lohan’s, like, a good actress. There’s so much attention [to everything she does], but…you forget this girl has really good comic timing.”

On a side note — and one that pertains specifically to Lindsay — the homophobes over at eHarmony were recently forced to launch a same-sex dating site as part of a settlement with New Jersey’s Civil Rights Division. More on that over at our sister site, Zelda Lily.

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  • this didn’t even make me crack a smile, not funny in the least..what are you all getting so hyped about?!
    maybe ok writing but terrible delivery
    good on her for having a go at herself but going away somewhere and getting better would have been a smarter move and maybe even earned some respect

    • I totally agree….I was reading about it earlier on my blackberry in my snooze fest Politics of Natural Resources class so I couldn’t see the video and I was super hyped….but that was it? It really wasn’t as funny as everyone is saying. People always say she is such as good actress but other that Parent Trap and Mean Girls everything else she has been in sucks —I know who killed me, Herbie Fully Loaded, Georgia Rules, and the one about Luck and something about teen age drama queen lol. She’s a train wreck she has gotten some fantastic breaks and has done nothing but fuck them up, I’m 22 and had a rough life so save me the diatribe about how screwed up her childhood was. At some point people need to take responsibility for their actions, she’ll be in rehab before the end of the year (If not sooner) trust.

    • Yeah I am with you. I didn’t really find it funny. It was more depressing that she is still like this instead of it being in her past. I don’t really think her situation is anything to laugh at, even if it was her making the jokes. Props to her for laughing at herself, but if she is that aware of how messed up she is right now, shouldn’t someone be helping her get better instead of making a video.

  • This would be funny if it were ridiculous rumors… not actually the truth and happening right now… It’s just pathetic.

  • i loved this! loved it loved it loved it!
    hate to resort to name calling
    but IMHO most of you are IDIOTS or humorless!
    this is an effin’ riot & what’s wrong with you ppl?
    fantastic comedic timing, delivery etc. & yes
    reading from cue-cards ’cause it was done in a matter of hours!
    not DAYS! hello?
    again, i say, what’s wrong with you ppl?? uuugghh.
    400 dollars & marlboro miles-hahahaha-GO LINDSAY! wooohooo!

  • Are you serious?
    That video was hilarious!
    I watched it several times.
    I think she did a wonderful job.
    It was so clever.
    Good for you Lindsay.

  • Marlboro miles was my favorite part. Brilliant!
    I thought it was super funny, and it says a lot about her to be able to get up and do that with everything going on right now.
    Two thumbs up! This reminds me why I love her so much!

  • I thought it was terrible. She has no comedic timing and her laughing at herself just seems so forced, “Look at me. I’m laughing. At myself. On purpose. Remember how I drove drunk a bunch of times. Hahaha, I’m making fun of it now. This ought to make you love me.”

    There is self-deprecating humour and then there’s just doing shit for attention. This is the latter. Keeps her on the internet for just a couple of days longer. In three days, she’ll have to figure out a new strategy.

    luvvb, you might want to wait before calling people “idiots” when you clearly can’t write.

  • I think there are two types of people, those who love Lindsay and those that can’t stand her, and if you fall into the former category then I think you absolutely love this spoof, but if you already hate her then it looks pathetic.

    Personally I think it was a riot, and I think she is very charismatic and charming in the clip, I can see how she can easily manipulate people close to her so she never has to hear/face the nasty truth.

  • Anyone who has any amount of crazy in them will appreciate this video. Some people just can’t understand the wild spark that makes people do reckless and destructive things but its taken me years to control that side of me. I don’t blame anyone, and have learned to laugh at and accept myself because of and in spite of it. In fact my parents and sister LOVE to bring it up, just like all the gossip sites LOVE to down Lindsay for her crazies… We have so much in common… we should totally go out!! As for you guys saying its sad, pathetic, blah blah blah… You would be saying the exact same thing if she was in an alley shooting drugs into her arms. Any way she copes with her breakup will be a pathetic cry for attention to you guys.

    • THIS! not everyone gets to have a perfect pre-planned life. and even though she’s definitely had some major ups, she’s had some major downs. the only difference is that she’s had to do it in the public eye. i think this short helps to remind us that she’s a good comedic actress. i would like to see her in a new comedy. i would have liked her in “he’s just not that into you” or instead of hudson in “bridewars.” she needs to get into something like that soon.

  • What a dumb cunt. Seriously. Those of you that actually think this is funny… you need to get out more. She CANNOT act for the life of her. If I was Samantha Ronson I would be humiliated (even more than she already has been by this fucking uneducated trollop). A GOOD actress doesn’t read off cue cards for a 2 minute Eharmony spoof. This isn’t live, people. She needs to go crawl under a rock and… hibernate for about 10 years.

  • this is magic… so funny; shows she gets it…if only she could stay this way; she could get work. Next Will Ferrell movie??? it couldn’t hurt… love interest in Anchorman 2…

  • I normally can’t stand her but this was really funny! Good for her! Not everyone can make fun of themselves.

  • Beetster, Some of your readers really need to get the stick out of their asses. This is cute and funny and LL is really a little princess.

  • this could go either way.. a sign of recovery road or a sign of deeper denial. Does she really get that she messed up?

    or is she just expecting her antics to be laughed off cuz she likes it how she likes it when she likes it etc etc etc?

    and heh.. “family not quick to issue a restraining order” dig against the Ronsons methinks. Guess the Lindsay vs Charlotte feud is still on.

  • LOVE ITTT. I’m a lindsay fan through thick and thin and anyone who can’t identify with her even a little bit needs to get out a little more.