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Lady Gaga Goes Country

So um, wow. That was different.

I’m not a huge Gaga fan when it comes to her music – chintzy club anthems just aren’t really my thing – but I’m not going to deny that girfriend’s got a pretty killer voice, and she did some interesting things with this song.

In this rendition of ‘Born This Way,’ which almost sounds like something that you’d hear on Roseanne (but that’s probably just the raunchy-awesome harmonica urging me to say that), Gaga’s voice sounds stronger than ever, and the song – as far as I’m concerned – is much easier to digest.

But I still wouldn’t consider myself a fan of the song.

What do you guys think? Are you loving the Country Road version of ‘Born This Way‘?

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  • I’m aged out of techno, so the dance club radio version I keep hearing is not my cup of tea. This version, rocks, Love it!