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photo of billy ray cyrus and tish cyrus pictures

“Big thanks to all of our family, friends, and fans who have kept us in their thoughts and prayers. I feel so blessed to have so much support from all of you. Our family weathered a huge storm and I feel we are stronger than we have ever been. Much love to all of you guys! You’re the BEST!”

Tish Cyrus on being thankful that Billy Ray’s no longer leaving with his Achy Breaky money and leaving her to grovel at Bret Michael’s feet. (Because, of course, she’d do much, much better at the feet of someone like Charlie Sheen – good old Charlie doesn’t seem to discriminate all that much these days.)

In case you guys didn’t know, the Cyrus clan is no longer a broken family: Billy Ray called off the divorce early last week, and to celebrate, the family’s going to have a good, old-fashioned hoe-down this weekend, where Tish will be forcibly held down and formally exorcised of her evil, cheating spirits (don’t worry, I hear they’re almost gone, you guys).

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