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Jada Pinkett Smith Basically Admits That’s She’s a Bad Mother

Ever since Willow Smith hit the scene, people have been asking, “How does a 10-year old girl have all that confidence and flavor?”

Well, it turns out that it has something to do with the fact that her parents are both millionaires and push-overs. Jada, her mom, recently did an interview in which she confessed that Willow doesn’t just decide what she likes when it comes to her own clothes, she decides what her mother wears, too.

The actress, when asked about her style, told, “Willow goes in my closet and tells me the things to get rid of that are old. So I pretty much listen to that. She says, ‘You should let me have this and I can cut it up,’ and I just go, ‘OK! Go ahead, take it, do what you want.’ So she pretty much takes my stuff and sees what it can do for her. So she doesn’t do anything for me besides just taking it.”

Uhhh, maybe I was raised in a super strict household, but I’m pretty sure that any time I so much as LOOKED at my mother’s closet I was told to get real and go clean my bedroom. That’s one of the shitty parts of being a kid: Not understanding why you can’t have everything you want and dealing with it anyway. Then again, being the family’s breadwinner these days, it’s kind of unclear whether or not Willow can even be classified as a child.

Is it just me? Was anyone else out there allowed to rummage through their mom’s closet, taking the good stuff and deciding what was too embarrassing to wear? And if you were allowed to do that, are you a functioning adult?

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  • My mother had absolutely nothing in her closet that I wanted to wear when I was a teen or preteen. And I did have to wear her clothes a couple of times because I needed an outfit for dress event and there was no money to buy me a new outfit. But as far as just going in her closet and taking things or telling her what to wear, no way I would have gotten away with that.
    Maybe it’s some Scientology thing that daughters get to boss their mothers around like this when it comes to clothing (like Suri Cruise.)

  • Didn’t they convert to scientology? If so, I read that they have a rule about not telling your kids no. Something about it damaging them irreparably or some BS. If not, then I’m glad I don’t have to be around these kids IRL. I would probably knock one of them out.

  • I used to run my mom`s closet… I took mom jeans and turned them into skirts. Until this day I tell my mom what to she should wear and I take some of her shirts when I visit.

  • Will Smith already said he’s not a Scientologist!Jesus get over it!He can’t have Scientology friends?Thats like saying I can’t have a Muslim friend if I am Catholic!As far as Willow, come on what child did not do this in their mothers closet!Take their moms clothes and tell them what’s ‘in style’ now!I pretty are Jada is constantly buying clothes that she doesn’t even mind Willow!

    • Calm down. I said that because they (The Pinkett-Smiths) started a school in LA that is scientology based. If you as a Catholic have a Muslim friend that wouldn’t start questions, but if you as a Catholic start a Muslim based school, people will probably start to wonder.

  • I was always telling my mum what looked good and what didn’t. What she did after that was her choice- She always takes me shopping for her, because apparently I know what’s best.

  • Hmmm… I have read almost the exact same quotes from Katie Holmes about Suri . It’s not so much the parents that are grooming them for Hollywood, as it is Scientology ensuring a next generation cash cows for their auditing pleasure. Go back and read stories about Suri Cruise with these thoughts in mind, and it’s sicking how she is obviously being groomed for child stardom. I think there is even a quote somewhere where Tom says he would like her to be a child star. It’s just so sad, and gross.

  • i used to rummage through my mother’s closet all the time as a child. i actually still do, and she’s usually more than willing to let me have the stuff that catch my eye. so it’s rather absurd for me to be hearing about mothers who ban their little girls from their closets.

  • I don’t see anything wrong with that whatsoever, and i wouldn’t call her a bad mother either, that’s the stupidest thing i’ve heard, that someone is a bad mother because they give stuff to their kids that btw they didn’t even care about in the first place. So i completely diagree with you.

  • I’m 20 years old and my mom still won’t let me even BORROW her clothing, haha. She would kill me if I took it and cut it up! I’m sorry, but I think Willow is just a spoiled brat.

  • Come on!! It was the 80’s when I was growing up. That fake fur coat that smelled of menthol cigarettes that Mum hadn’t worn in YEARS came in damn handy!!….

    If you ask me.. Willow sounds like she needs a bit of grounding and her mother should spend less time buying clothes and more time telling her daughter to get out of her closet.