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Quotables: Lady Gaga is Probably a Stoner

“I’m actually quite obsessed with unicorns. They are in essence a mythical creature. The unicorn is born magical and it’s not the unicorn’s fault and it doesn’t make it any more or less special or any less unique but it can’t help that it was born with that magic. I had My Little Ponies. I was obsessed with the idea of a creature that was born with something magical that sort of made them the misfit in the world of the stallion.”

Lady Gaga telling a U.K. radio station about her obsession with unicorns.

An obsession with unicorns? Is she high?

I’m officially dubbing Lady Gaga an “alternative mainstreamer.” Enough playing like you’re original, biotch. Everyone had some plastic horned ponies and a Lisa Frank notebook when they were growing up.