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Could Justin Bieber Be an Oscar Winner Next Year?

Let’s just cut to the chase: Yes. Yes he could.

I told you the other day how much I LOVED Never Say Never, Justin’s documentary that’s currently out in theaters, and apparently I’m not the only brilliant mind who agrees that it was really something quite special.

The Hollywood Reporter printed a piece today saying that Justin’s doc is so good that it may be nominated as one of the best in its category next year and that he was swamped by A-list fans at the Vanity Fair Oscar party last weekend.

From THR:

“You’d be surprised at the caliber of people who came up to Justin at the Vanity Fair party at the Sunset Tower, most of whom had seen the movie [Never Say Never] and loved it,” says an insider. “There was even talk of putting it up for an Oscar next year in the documentary category. People appreciate that it’s not just a kids’ movie.” (THR’s Bill Higgins also noted Bieber was the star who awed the other stars at the Vanity Fair bash. The young singer would chat with someone and the buzz would immediately be: “What is Mick Jagger talking to Justin Bieber about?”)

Not surprised! As much shit as we’ve given the tiny gerbil with the formerly shaggy haircut, I actually find him to be truly talented and yo, that movie will change your life. When I saw it, here were people of all shapes, races and creeds clapping hands and singing “Baby” in the theater together by end of the whole thing. This might be bold, but within the next, Bieber’s gonna be the new Banksy. Except, you know, he’ll actually win.

I’ve you’ve seen Never Say Never, vote in the poll and let me know if you agree that it’s totally possible Justin Bieber could join the ranks of Hollywood’s very best.


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