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Lindsay Lohan to Star in New Movie?

picture of lindsay lohan in jeans biting her finger photos

Lindsay Lohan, by far my favorite celebrity of all time, is being considered for another new movie role. The movie, Escaping the Game, is centered around the concept of a bunch of celebrities who fake their deaths and retreat to a remote island. The concept is kind of cool, since faked deaths are always pretty fascinating to me, but I can’t imagine the plot really going anywhere from there. Like, what are they all going to do on this island? Have sex? Get loaded? Chew their nails? Is it a FUN island, or are we talking some crazy Castaway shit? Will it be like Survivor, or more like I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, minus all of those pesky dead people? I’m intrigued, guys.

Lindsay‘s long been a favorite actress of mine – back when, you know, she was coherent enough to understand the concept of ‘talent’; I mean shit, did you see Mean Girls? Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen? I totally rest my case – and I really hope that this … whatever will resurrect her acting career, ’cause Lord knows, I’m sick to death of her jewelry lines, LEGGINGS lines, tanning lines, and the obligatory coke lines.

Will you guys see this movie, just based on those sketchy plot details?

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  • You just know they celebs will get there and they’ll be some mental case killing them off one by one and as the public think they’re already dead… blah blah. She could play a good corpse I suppose.

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